We are a small team from Slovenia passionate about jewellery and personalisation. Thank you for supporting us ❤️

Home to personalized gifts

We started our journey to bring mementos from your life to create timeless pieces of jewelry that will put a smile on the face of anyone who receives it.

Our gifts are meant to represent love, meaningful people, places and experiences in your life.

Why we started our journey

Our biggest concern in life is time, whether you like it or not it passes you by real quick. That is why it’s important to take a moment to breathe in and be in the moment. We wanted to create something that will allow you to keep those special memories close to you, wherever you are.

And that is why we have started our personalized jewelry collection, we wanted to remember what is important to us, and to those close to us. You won’t believe how much someone can appreciate a gift, if they know it’s from the heart!

Our mission

We focus on two important values, the first is to deliver you the most joyous memento on a piece of jewelry that you or your loved ones will wear with pride and remember what is truly important to them. 

And the second is that we are constantly available for all your questions and comments about our products so that we can constantly improve in every aspect of our production. This will result in your most treasured memories being as perfect as they can get!

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